Mohawks and Fohawks

A little info about  the Mohawks


Back in the 80’s and 90’s, the only Mohawks you ever saw was the one worn by Mr. T. Nobody in their right mind wanted a Mohawk. That is until the early 2000’s when the soccer super star David Beckham, started rocking a Mohawk. And when celebrities like Puff Daddy followed, the Mohawk trend really took off. Today, the Mohawk is just as popular of a style as the Fade or Blowout. Fade Masters Tampa has people asking for a Mohawk all of the time. Barbers at other barber shops have not learned to perfect the Mohawk or they may be limited to only one style of a Mohawk. At Fade Masters, we have perfected all styles of the Mohawk.

A Fohawk or Faux Hawk, is similar to a Mohawk, with a more conservative look. There is some hair left on the sides, at least a number three (that’s barber talk for leaving some hair) and the top is left longer, like a MohawkWith this style of Mohawk, you can style with some wax or gel, whatever you prefer. The coolest thing about a Fohawk, is a lot of people who have an office job, can get this style instead of a regular Mohawk and style it for a more professional look. With a Fohawk, you can comb your hair back or forward so you can change your look from a Mohawk to a business look.

Get the Mohawk at Fade Masters

There are different ways to do a Mohawk or a Fohawk, that’s why before Fade Masters hires any barber, they have to know how to do all kinds of Mohawks and on any type of hair. All barbers have to know how to do The following:

  • Mohawk with a blowout
  • Mohawk with a fade on the sides
  • full Mohawk that goes all the way to the back
  • Mohawk just on the top
  • Mohawk in zigzag.

Barbers at Fade Masters also have to know how to do a perfect Fohawk in all styles including a Fohawk with a number one the sides or a fohawk with a bold blowout… however the client wants his Mohawk, Fade Masters can do it. We will even do a Mohawk with a design on the sides. The barbers at Fade Masters Tampa have been doing Mohawks for years, and we are without a doubt, the place you want to come to for a Mohawk or a Fohawk.