Fade Masters’ Fades

Fades HaircutsProviding a perfectly blended fades is what has earned us our good reputation. A reputation we have had since 2002, back before most salons and some barbershops didn’t know what a bald fade was. All of the barbers at Fade Masters know how to do a fade on any type of hair. Barbers will give you a perfect fade, without no lines for a perfect blend. When you get a fade that its not done right, you will end up with a mushroom haircut, a bold cut, lines showing and imperfections. When you come to Fade Masters for your fade, our barbers will give you the fresh and real fade you want, with no mistakes.

It doesn’t matter what kind of Fade you like, just let the barber at Fade Masters know exactly how you want it and Fade Masters has got you covered. All of the barbers at Fade Masters know how to cut any type of hair, on any person. Spanish, White, African American or Asian, any person and any hair type, we can give you the perfect fade.

Not sure what type of fade you want, check out our pictures of the fades we have done, choose the one you want, print out the picture or get it on your phone and show it to the barber doing your cut and he will give you the exact fade you want. If you would rather see larger pictures, there are posters in the shop for you to choose a haircut from.

Fades for everybody 

Fade Masters never discriminates, barbers here can and will cut anyone’s hair. We can do fades on little boys and even babies get a great fade at Fade Masters. At Fade Masters, EVERYBODY is welcome. Senior citizens who want a fade also get a discount.

However you want your fade, barbers at Fade Masters can give it:

  • Fade with the blade at the bottom
  • Fade with the Norelco at the bottom
  • Low fade
  • Mid fade
  • High fade
  • High and tight
  • Shadow fade
  • Regular fade

No matter what kind of fade you want, we can take care of you. At Fade Masters you are in good hands. You’ve heard our name, Right? We have the name Fade Masters for a reason. Come on in and get faded by the best in the business. Everybody wants the best things in life and it shouldn’t be any different with your hair.