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Fade Masters 3 Click Here for Directions is located in a side of town where probably half or more of the population is Hispanic. To better serve our community most of our staff speaks Spanish as their second language. The shop has handicapped access, it conveniently has a supermarket, a bakery, a jewelry shop and a couple other stores in the same plaza for your convenience if you have to wait. Or you can always just make an appointment and be in and out. Our community has a lot of young kids and teenagers and we know what hair designs and haircuts they like such as the comb over, Mohawk, Burst fade just to name a few. The barbershop also has a Playstation and a foosball table, so you can be entertained while you wait. We also know what our older clientele likes: Flat tops, haircut with Shears, Afros, high and tight fade…you name it we can do it. Fade Masters “Where details make the difference”. Tambien hablamos en su idioma para atenderlo mejor y que usted se pueda sentir mas comodo.



FadeMasters 3

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